Lanyard safety anchor roof fall protection line hook

A Patented Roofing
Safety System!(patent pending) 

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Life Line Roofing Clamps
Your Premier Lanyard Roofing Safety System
A Patented Safety System (patent pending)
by RGG Enterprises

This is a photo of a complete system


One Ridge Clamp (center), Variable Pitch Eave Clamp (left), and Rake Clamp (right).

Set of Ridge Clamps (two needed): $499.95

Variable Pitch Adjustable Eave Clamp: $189.95 (two for $359.95*)

Rake Clamp: $129.95 (two for $239.95*)

FULL SET SPECIAL:  Two Ridge Clamps, Two Variable Pitch Adjustable Eave Clamps and Two Rake Clamps: $995.95 (reg. $1,235.00)

(*Recommended that Eave or Rake clamps used directly across the roof from each other for optimum security and safety)


The Life Line Roofing Clamps are strictly for the intent to save lives, they are NOT FOR LIFTING OR HOISTING OF ANY KIND.  They are designed for Lanyard Line Connections ONLY!!!

Meets all O.S.H.A. requirements: each clamp's weight rating is 7400 lbs.

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